54: Funny Old World

54: Funny Old World

There I am, the difficult first step of my project for school done plus half a dozen other errands, the first good day in a carpet of nails week that reached it nadir when I realized I owe the IRA a pile of money. I am are literally sitting on top of the rainbow sipping a beer and then I call my girlfriend and she is having a terrible no good very bad day and my little bubble goes: pop.…

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53: Branded


This kind inscription from an academic and poet I admire has clearly branded me as a “post-post-modernist.”


I don’t know. Some of the poetry I have read in the last several years is Conceptualist, some drivel and some fantastic. Other books ooze New Sincerity like the confessional of Facebook and Twitter. If you’re going to lay out your life, at least dress of the occasion in something…

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Odd Words

This coming week in literary New Orleans.

& Thursday at 6 pm the Belle Chase Library hosts native son Geoff Munsterman who will will read from and sign his poetry collection Because the Stars Shine Through It (2013 Lavender Ink). Guests are invited to purchase books from the author before or after the reading, which should begin around 6:30. Cookies and refreshments will be available.

& Also on…

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— Samuel R. Delaney in City of a Thousand Suns

[Slight return…]

I’ve just finished my taxes and realized i made a $5,000 mistake last year. Also, the IRS does not do payment plans for the unemployed.

The unemployed who plan to to run up a credit card to go the Europe and lock themselves in a castle in the Tyrolean Alps for a…

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ADHD http://wp.me/syhgH-adhd

Parataxis (New Latin, from Greek, act of placing side by side) is a literary term which means


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ljleichter7:fuy 30th birthday ideas


fuy 30th birthday ideas

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Radio Free Toulouse: Hey Man, Slow Down

"sometimes I get overcharged. that’s when you see sparks."

Venus de Miller

I walk into the Apple Barrel
& there you are, Venus de Miller
perched on your bar stool pedestal.
The barmaid asks me what I want
but I’m not paying any attention to her
& anyway I’ve left my stomach behind
somewhere in the mountains outside Monterrey
filled with a million Monarch butterflies

Let it roll!” he screamed. “Just as high as the fucker can go! And when it comes to that fantastic note where the rabbit bites its own head off, I want you to throw that fuckin radio into the tub with me.
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

Another Cup of Coffee

Coffee is proof that eternity
Is within our grasp entirely,
Is just a heart mumur away
But I will not waste a single day.

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